2019 Edition : Teaching Journalism During a Disruptive Age

An opportunity to pool the best education practices worldwide

Journalism education is currently facing unprecedented upheavals. After having constantly adapted the curricula since the ‘90s to meet the media industry’s demands, journalism schools now have to face a double challenge; both new expectations of journalism students concerning what should be taught in a journalism school, as well as the actual academic teaching methods themselves.

These major foreseeable evolutions illustrate that journalism schools could well be on the verge of radically changing the way they teach journalism.

Digitalization of contents will either lead to a deeper digital divide between journalism schools of different locations and different continents or, conversely, to a historical opportunity to pool the best education practices worldwide.

Central topics 2019 will include

  • How to renew journalism education
  • Best innovative practices in journalism education
  • Training journalism students in an age of conflicts
  • Teaching journalism ethics in a digital age
  • Blended learning, hybrid learning, flipped classrooms, what are the consequences for journalism education?
  • Internships and circulation of knowledge: who is learning from whom?
  • Lifelong learning in journalism education
  • Training for trainers: how to integrate the professional journalist as a teacher in a classroom
  • 21st century ethical Issues in journalism education
  • Research trends in journalism
  • Developing inclusive journalism curricula
  • Teaching fact-checking and verification in a post-truth era

And more to come…

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