Syndicates Recommendations

What are Syndicates?

Syndicates are small, themed discussion groups that produce recommendations to help improve journalism education worldwide. They encourage all WJEC conference-goers to join focused discussion groups of their choosing. Each syndicate team is asked to analyze its topic and make recommendations for colleagues across the globe. The groups focus on some of the most urgent, important issues in journalism education today. Rapporteurs summarize the findings, and WJEC publishes them online and elsewhere when possible.

How do they work?

Each syndicate team is matched with an expert scholar, chair and rapporteur. Each WJEC attendant signs up for one syndicate. Before on-site discussions begin, syndicate members are introduced to one another online and receive their expert scholar’s background paper to bring them up to speed on their topic. During two on-site discussions, issues are further discussed and concluded with specific recommendations for journalism educators worldwide. Each discussion is guided by a specific question, which helps it stay on task. Syndicate rapporteurs then write summary reports that are highlighted in the WJEC’s closing session and beyond.

Syndicate Recommendations

Syndicates Recommendations

Download the WJEC Paris Syndicates Recommendations (Power Point Presentation)

List of 2019 Syndicates 

These syndicate teams focus on how to help journalism educators worldwide best teach the following topics: 

ThemeNumberSyndicate Team
Ethics without borders in the digital age1Syndicate Chair
Susan Stos
Lecturer, University of Johannesburg,

Syndicate Rapporteur
Elizabeth Burch
Professor, California State University, Sonoma (USA)

Syndicate Expert
Ann Auman
Professor, University of Hawai’i at Manoa School of Communications
Teaching data journalism and computational skills2Syndicate Chair
Norman Lewis
Associate Professor, University of Florida
Syndicate Rapporteur
Florian Stalph
Research Associate, University of Passau

Syndicate Expert
Mindy McAdams
Professor, University of Florida, USA
Keeping passion alive while updating journalism skills3Syndicate Chair
Rey Rosales
Associate Professor, MacEwan University

Syndicate Rapporteur
Chandra Clark
Professor, University of Alabama

Syndicate Expert
Elena Plakhina
Associated Professor Of The Department Of Journalism, University of Tyumen
Entrepreneurial journalism: teaching innovation and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset4Syndicate Chair
Rachele Kanigel
Professor Of Journalism, San Francisco State University

Syndicate Rapporteur
Betty Tsakarestou
Associate Professor and Head of Advertising and Public Relations Lab (#ADandPRLAB), Panteion University, Greece

Syndicate Expert
Jeremy Caplan
Director Of Education, Tow-Knight Center, CUNY's Newmark Graduate School of Journalism
Journalism training beyond journalism schools5Syndicate Chair
Carien J. Touwen
Senior lecturer Journalism & Media studies, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Syndicate Rapporteur
Theodora Maniou
Lecturer, University of Cyprus

Syndicate Expert
Alexandra Stark
Head Of Studies / Member of the Board, MAZ – the Swiss School of Journalism / European Journalism Training Association (EJTA)
Preparing journalism students for skeptical and fact-resistant audiences6Syndicate Chair
Kim Walsh-Childers
Professor, University of Florida

Syndicate Rapporteur
Katherine Reed
Professor, University of Missouri

Syndicate Expert
Ken Fischer
Instructor, University of Oklahoma
William Davie
Louisiana at Lafayette
Digital global collaboration – A tool for teaching meaningful international reporting7Syndicate Rapporteur
David Baines
Senior Lecturer in Journalism, Newcastle University UK

Syndicate Chair
Melissa Wall
Professor, California State University - Northridge

Syndicate Expert
Sandra Whitehead
Adjunct Professor, Marquette University
Best practices in assessment and accreditation of journalism programs8Syndicate Chair
Marie Hardin
Dean, Penn State

Syndicate Rapporteur
Angela Romano
Associate Professor of Journalism, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Syndicate Expert
Felix Wao
Director Of Academic Assessment, University of Oklahoma
Collaborative and inclusive community journalism9Syndicate Chair
Rochelle Ford

Syndicate Rapporteur
Victoria Quade
Community broadcaster, Educator

Syndicate Expert
Sara E. Gonzales
Journalism Adviser, Paetow High School
Preparing future journalists for on-the-job trauma11Syndicate Chair
Phyllis Slocum
Principal Lecturer; Station Manager Nttv; Faculty Advisor, University of North Texas

Syndicate Rapporteur
Catherine Luther
Professor, University of Tennessee

Syndicate Expert
Desiree Hill
Univ of Central Oklahoma
Educating journalism students on gender and inequality12Syndicate Chair
Mia Moody-Ramirez
Professor/Chair: Department of Journalism, PR & New Media, Baylor University

Syndicate Rapporteur
Ingrid Bachmann
Director, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Syndicate Expert
Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh
Richard M. Fairbanks Professor and Chair, Butler University
Stereotyping and profiling13Syndicate Chair
Pascale Colisson
IPJ-Dauphine PSL

Syndicate Rapporteur
Tara Ross
Senior Lecturer, Journalism, University of Canterbury

Syndicate Expert
Alex Wake
Program Manager, Journalism, RMIT University Australia


WJEC Syndicates Team Program 

• Robyn S. Goodman, Alfred University, USA • Elanie Steyn, University of Oklahoma, USA • Syndicate Associate: Imran Palash, University of Oklahoma, USA


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