Ignite Laureates

Using the Ignite! motto “enlighten us, but make it quick,” educators with diverse backgrounds and perspectives present their most innovative teaching ideas at WJEC-5’s Ignite Session.  Following the traditional “Ignite” format, each presenter gets 4 minutes and 16 slides to share their successful classroom projects and exercises.  Attendees will walk away with the best peer-reviewed enterprise ideas for the journalism classroom.

Produced by the BEA (Broadcast Education Association)

Producer:           Michael Bruce, University of Alabama (United States)

Co-Producer:    Ken Fischer, University of Oklahoma  (United States)
Moderator:         William Silcock, Arizona State University (United States)
Respondents:    Andrew David, University of Lincoln (United Kingdom)

Deborah Wilson David, University of Lincoln (United Kingdom)



Amara Aguilar, University of Southern California (United States); GIFs for Journalists

Jeremy Caplan, The City University of New York (United States); Jazz Up J-School!

Chandra Clark, University of Alabama  (United States); Marketing Young Journalists in Resumes and Portfolios

Dale Cressman, Brigham Young University (United States); Discussing Diversity & Journalism History

Kim Fox, American University of Cairo (Egypt); Make Amazing Audio in Class

Miao Guo, Ball State University (United States); Integrating Media Analytics across the JMC Curriculum

Elfi Heinke, Fabian Wiedel, & Michael Harnischmacher, University of Passau (Germany); The Oscross Award

Rachele Kanigel, San Francisco State University (United States); 10-Minute Entrepreneurial Challenge

James Mahon, University of West of Scotland (Scotland); Mobile Journalism: A Revolution or an Evolution?

Ahmed Orabi, South Valley University (Egypt); Teaching Journalism in ‘Closed Societies’

Ambrish Saxena, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and Susmita Bala, Delhi Metropolitan Education (India); Journalism Education: Innovative Approach

David Shabazz, Kentucky State University (United States); 7-Word Visual Story