Imagine the Journalism School of Tomorrow : Winner list

Imagine the Journalism School of Tomorrow : Winner list

Journalism schools are the windows of the profession tomorrow. Despite facing unprecedent upheavals they are not only adapting their courses and programs but also preparing future journalists. Beside presenting the views and ideas of professionals, WJEC also wishes to cater for journalism students.  

Among the 170 proposal WJEC have received, 5 projects have been selected.

5 students coming from 5 continents will thus present their vision of the Journalism School of Tomorrow during the “Innovation Keynote” on Friday 11th July 2019 with the keynote François Taddei, the Director of the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity of the Université Paris Descartes.  

The 5 students are :

  • Africa – Byron Mühlberg, Stellenbosch University, South-Africa

My name is Byron Mühlberg, and I come from the southern tip of the African continent.

A lifelong passion for news and global affairs has driven me toward pursuing an Honours degree in Journalism at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, where I am currently enrolled and actively engaged as a student journalist. I’m interested in innovation in the media and the discovery of creative ways of presenting the important information of our times to the people who need it most.

Having entrepreneurial ambitions in the media industry; I must admit that I’m excited to be a part of the changing face of journalism in the years to come!



  • Americas – Safiyah Marhnouj, Carleton University, Canada

Safiyah is a second year Journalism student at Carleton University, which is located in Canada’s capital.She is a frequent contributor to her school newspaper, The Charlatan, and is involved in a variety of different on-campus clubs, including Journalists for Human Rights and the Muslim Students Association. Safiyah is currently serving as a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council, the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee, where she is working on improving relations between the police and racialized youth. She is also a volunteer for Plan International Canada and has been a member of the Speaker’s Bureau for a number of years. Safiyah is passionate about gender-equality and youth engagement and wants to use her platform to encourage youth to become more engaged in the political world and increase their awareness of social issues in Canada and around the world.In the future, Safiyah plans to pursue a career in Journalism with a focus on International Affairs.

  • Asia – Radhika Pashira, Panjab University, India

Never feel lethargic while processing your thought. Your social position is a result of words you use, words which your thoughts vouch for.

Being an Indian, ex-student of Social Sciences, present student of Mass Communication and Journalism and living in a joint family, almost all flavours of society have been tasted by me. The true essence as well as power of words has been realized by me. Be it management of relationships or regulation of socio-political affairs of society, one’s manner of ‘processing thought’ and its resultant lexicon play a dominant role in productive establishments.

Therefore, I suggest that one’s personal as well as professional life must be lead by ETHICS and not NORMS, by swift swords of thought and words, by learning from the EXPERIENCED, and constantly questioning oneself if ‘REVOLUTION IS DEMANDED IN THE PRESENT EPOCH OR ONLY PRODUCTIVE GRADUAL CHANGES.’

  • Australia – Riordan Davis, RMIT Journalism School, Australia

I am Rio, I grew up on a farm and hold that education is the greatest tool of enfranchisement. As you can perhaps tell, my mum is a teacher. I studied a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at ANU in Canberra, and I am currently a Graduate Diploma of Journalism at RMIT in Melbourne.



  • Europe – Anastasia Genelt, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

I am a Bachelor of Journalism and graduate of the Higher School of Mass Communications of Saint Petersburg State University (2019), TV and Radio journalism department. My professional experience includes work and internships at such media as ‘Rosbalt’, Mail.Ru Group, SPbU Media center, ‘Avtoradio’(from 2016 to nowadays).

Since March 2018, I am the editor-in-chief of the youth media project ‘Razvilka’ made by students of our university. We publish articles, longreads and special projects, podcasts, mobile videos, etc.; we also have growing accounts in different social media, such as VK, Facebook, and Instagram.

My diploma work was a practical thesis based on the experience of this media. I have been doing research on student media of St Petersburg and on media education in Russia in general. The results of the research were published in several scientific resources. I am also working on a paper on sports podcasts as a new format of Russian modern sports media.

I have also been a guest speaker of several conferences on student media, which have been held in different universities of St Petersburg (The Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, Saint Petersburg University of Industrial Technologies and Design).